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Posted on 30/09/03 03:54:59 AM

What a great book!

I can't tell you how happy I was when I first discovered this book.
While there are plenty of good photoshop books to be had, this is the only one I have ever found that really addresses photorealistic montages, my first love in graphic arts.

I really look forward to getting into this book, it will no doubt help me perfect the little things I still miss in my projects that will help take them to the next level. The step by step instructions in additon to the color photos make it a very straight forward reference guide and learning tool.

I really hope your forum gets up and running and enjoys a lot of gallery participation. I really look forward to seeing other peoples work in the area of photorealistic montages.

Thanks for putting together a great book Steve.


Posted on 30/09/03 08:48:16 AM
Steve Caplin
Posts: 6542


What a great book!
Thanks for your comments, Carl - much appreciated. Have fun with the book, and do post any images you're particularly pleased with.



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