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Posted on 03/06/19 04:44:37 AM
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What would you do to this Image?
So for funsiez I wanna add "nonsense" surreal things to my photos and also for practice.

At first I wanted to do dripping rainbow grime stuff dripping all over my face and hands (that's why I posed my hands like this) but changed my mind. I might want to post it on my instagram that has random edits so I'm also trying to think of creative ways to cover my face (don't really want my face on my edits page)

So now I'm thinking maybe a bouquet of flowers coming from my neck hole or butterflies coming out of my cracked head idk I'm in a creative rut and I would love to hear some ideas.

You can also play around with the pic if you want and post it here! That'd be awesome for me to see visuals so I can practice replicating it. But yeee would love to hear or see any ideas <3 <3 !!

It's not letting me post keeps saying it's too big even when I shrunk it to 7 inches so heres some imgur

Posted on 08/03/20 7:07:56 PM
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Re: What would you do to this Image?
The rainbow thing can be awesome. You can also try butterflies escaping from your hand or you are throwing off rainbow colors from your mouth. Try these and see if you can make these or not.


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