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Posted on 03/05/20 12:43:22 PM
Director of Photoshop
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Holidays re-visited - a little bit of silliness.
A couple of days ago I was going through boxes of old photographs that need sorting. I came across some holiday pictures of our sons when they were smaller - much, much smaller.

I though it might be fun to give them new more exciting holiday snaps than the reality. So I put them on the scanner and ............

These are not bolting their heads onto other bodies - they are all real photos that have simply been given new context and surroundings.

The subtlety and conviction of any Photoshop effect is invariably inversely proportional to the number of knobs on it .......

Posted on 03/05/20 1:54:44 PM
Wizard of Oz
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Re: Holidays re-visited - a little bit of silliness.

They are all great David but my favourite one is the underwater shark one. That is great

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