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How to Cheat in Photoshop CC
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Posted on 26/01/04 8:41:24 PM
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Photoshop 7 Users
I know the new book has all the old & lots more new but would the new additions benefit us PS7 users a lot or benefit the CS users more?

I don't plan on purchasing CS any time soon but I LOVE your 1st book and would love to learn more stuff like that.

I guess I just wondered how much of the "new stuff" is geared toward CS users & if ps7 users can benefit from the cs stuff too or is it for new features only CS has?

Hope that wasn't

Posted on 27/01/04 09:01:09 AM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Photoshop 7 Users
There's plenty of stuff in the second edition for PS7 users, as well as some new material for CS users only. Plus, of course, the second edition comes with 100 new royalty-free images from the AbleStock collection just to sweeten the deal.

You never know - you might be tempted to upgrade!



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