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How to Cheat in Photoshop CC
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Posted on 18/10/10 5:28:30 PM
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Chapter 4 - Matching color with curves
I found this very intersting as this is vital to good compositing...However, i find it hard to judge the colors that should be removed or added using curves from a given picture. The hand over the face example (in the book) , i am not color blind in anyway but its not dead obvious to find the colors that are the culprits. I was wondering if there was a way for example to set sample point on both images and try and match their rgb values as much as possible? i tried with the hand it worked reasonably ok ...but maybe it was luck..
I also tried match color but that was not great as i guess its algorithm is based on the whole picture...

Any insight on this topic would be much appreciated...


Posted on 18/10/10 11:30:48 PM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Chapter 4 - Matching color with curves
You mentioned Match Colour being based on the whole picture; it doesn't work quite like that. One sneaky thing that you can do is to select the area of a layer or a separate image that you want to match up with, put that selection on its own layer and then target that layer in the Match Colour dialogue box.

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Posted on 29/05/12 7:07:21 PM
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Re: Chapter 4 - Matching color with curves
Here's the example:
Take a piece of the forehead and make a layer of this piece.
Now select the Layer 'Hand copy'.
Then use the option Image»Adjustments»Match Color.
In this dialog set the Source at 'Matching color with Curves' and set for the Layer: Piece Forehead.
For the 'hand copy' layer set the Blending mode at Color.
Now the only thing you have to do is to set the midtones (Curves), the right color you just predetermined.


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