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Posted on 18/12/14 10:19:54 PM
Edward Nachman
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Hair or quills
If you can, go to and pick photo 000045478560. It is a porcupine. I have attempted to eliminate the green foliage background and leaving the wood foreground. I am using the technique on page 218. Maybe I should have started on page 214. Anyway, can the porcupine quills be satisfactorily included in the extraction?

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Posted on 18/12/14 11:09:23 PM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Hair or quills
Hi Edward,

Unfortunately I don't have an iStock account so I can't see a good-sized image. From what I can see you will have an interesting time cutting this one out and I'm not sure that Photoshop will be able to do it easily with any of the automatic tools to hand. It looks more like a job for Channel Masking and even then I suspect that there will be a few issues such as colour spill.

Can you post a larger image and let us have a bash at it?



Posted on 19/12/14 00:54:32 AM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Hair or quills
I agree with GKB. Channel masking is probably your best bet - particularly where the green and yellow background is concerned. But, in the areas where there is brown background behind the quills. I don't think there is any easy solution. In fact I am not sure there is even a satisfactory difficult solution come to that ......

I would definitely duplicate the layer and play with its colour and saturation first before I start any extraction.

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