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Posted on 17/03/21 1:37:43 PM
Magical Montagist
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Da Vinci Sketch Action
A few days ago I downloaded a copy of Da Vinci Sketch Action (

I thought you might like to see a couple of images that I put through this action. In both cases I overlaid the image with some old paper textures and changed the blend mode to get the desired effect.

FYI the image of Half Dome in Yosemite was shot in infrared light.

If anyone would like to know more just let me know

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Posted on 17/03/21 11:41:00 PM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Da Vinci Sketch Action
To my eye it looks more like old photo than sketch. If you accept that interpretation it's very nice.

The subtlety and conviction of any Photoshop effect is invariably inversely proportional to the number of knobs on it .......


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