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Test yourself
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Posted on 02/01/07 2:43:21 PM
David Asch
Tech Support
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Re: Test Yourself 1
If you're using Safari you can click and hold and just drag the image to the desktop. Failing that, Ctrl+Click and save from there.

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Posted on 03/01/07 3:13:54 PM

Re: Test Yourself 1
Thanks again David, I did a little experimenting after your IE explanation and found the ctrl+click and save. I'm just not used to retrieving things off of the screen lol. Looks like a wonderful, useful tool too.

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Posted on 30/05/07 4:31:46 PM
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Re: Test Yourself 1
For a Mac, control click on the image. Select "save image as" from the pop-up.

Dirtdoctor23 wrote:
And if I'm using a Mac??

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