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Posted on 03/01/23 1:34:05 PM
Eager Beaver
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Turn Your Brush Into an Eraser
The Brush Tool and the Eraser tool do not share the same settings so if you switch from brush to eraser you are erasing with a different brush or settings : therefore: -
IMPORTANT: - only paint on a separate layer
TWO Methods to turn the brush into an eraser retaining the same brush tip:
Method 1 - Change the Blend mode in the Options Bar to “Clear” ( Shift+ Option+R) and to return to a normal brush (Shift+Option +N)

Method 2 - Simply press and HOLD the tilde(~) key

Posted on 03/01/23 1:46:02 PM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Turn Your Brush Into an Eraser
I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know either of those shortcuts! Good call, Frank!

Posted on 03/01/23 8:34:26 PM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Turn Your Brush Into an Eraser
Sadly Photoshop shortcuts are resolutely QWERTY and many don't work on my AZERTY keyboard. But that's a neat trick.

By the way do any of you pen users ever flip your pen upside down to use the eraser? I've never understood this. It's so much quicker just to select the eraser tool, even in the tool palette, let alone a swift shortcut!

The subtlety and conviction of any Photoshop effect is invariably inversely proportional to the number of knobs on it .......

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