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Posted on 19/05/10 5:13:24 PM
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Making metal part 1
I am so frustrated. No matter how I adjust my curves I still end up with a red tint in my metal. Using CS4

Posted on 21/05/10 00:13:14 AM
Kreative Kiwi
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Re: Making metal part 1
Haven't got my book with me, but I seem to remember something about setting the curves layer to Luminosity.
Something That works well for many photos when you don't want curves to change the colour.

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Posted on 26/05/10 6:23:27 PM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Making metal part 1
Vibeke is absolutely right. If there's any tint at all in the underlying layer, then Curves will accentuate it and often make it go weird. Setting the Adjustment Layer to Luminosity stops this happening.

Is it possible there's some red in your original layer? If so, desaturate it first.

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