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Posted on 26/05/10 08:00:59 AM
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Making metal, part 2
Hi, I just found this book today while at the bookstore.. and while I love it and can't wait to delve more deeply, right this minute I'm stuck in the basics. What am I missing?

For Making Metal part 2, I have created a layer containing what basically looks like the artwork shown on page 18 in the "Use any artwork" box. But then when I go to Layer-> Layer Style->Bevel and Emboss... and then change the size, all that happens is that the right and bottom edge of the document get the bevelling, *not* the artwork. I realize this is supposed to be an Adjustment Layer but I'm not sure how to get there; which adjustment layer to choose?

I have to say that I love the way the book works, where you don't really mess about with very simple basics (i.e. a litany of controls and how they work -- that would just put me to sleep) but you just jump right in. However, I must admit that right now I seem to be missing a very simple basic step! Sigh.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have Photoshop CS4 Extended (v. 11.0.1) for Windows 7.

Posted on 26/05/10 10:17:46 AM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Making metal, part 2
Hi Terry,

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like it could be a couple of possible problems. It might be that you have accidentally selected a different layer and the effect is being applied to that layer but, from your description, I suspect that this is not the problem.

When you create the 'artwork' do you have it on a separate layer with only the artwork and transparent pixels surrounding it? If you have, say, a white layer with the artwork drawn on that same layer then the bevel & emboss effect will be applied to the very edges of the layer.

As a test create a new document then add a new layer and fill that with any colour. Apply the Bevel & Emboss filter and play with the settings just to see the effect they have. You will see the effect around the very edge of the layer.

Now create a new layer and, using a hard edge brush, draw some lines with a different colour. Fire up the Bevel & Emboss filter again and you will see that the effect is applied to the edges of the lines this time.

If you drew those lines on the already coloured layer you would not see the effect applied to the lines. Indeed you would not see any change in the bevelling. This is because the effect is applied to the edge of the coloured pixels.

I hope this answers your question. If not, come back to us.


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Posted on 26/05/10 6:24:58 PM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Making metal, part 2
I think Gordon's solution is right. It looks to me as if you've drawn your artwork on the background layer, not on an empty layer, so the bevel and emboss effect is applying to the whole layer.

Does this make sense?

Posted on 26/05/10 7:52:34 PM
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Re: Making metal, part 2
Thanks, this helps a lot. Gordon was exactly right and now I've got it. The book's really great.


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