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Posted on 24/12/14 4:13:55 PM
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Best resolution to work in
Hi everyone,

OK I have a basic 3D Photoshop question. Please if you can answer best you can. Even some hypothetical opinions would be greatly appreciated. Let me explain that I'm learning 3d for 2 purposes. 1. To apply the techniques for textile design (yes, 3D does lend itself to this) and with an eye towards producing 3D models. --- Normally, I work in 254 dpi (or 100 cm per inch). The practice images in this book are all 72 dpi. Is working in 72 dpi the norm? If I'm working on a professional project should I be working in my usual 254 dpi? Should I lets say work in 72 dpi and then scale it to 254 dpi just before rendering it? Another related question: If I'm working on an image for 3D printing what resolution should I be working in? Thanks for taking the time to read this & have a lovely holiday---- Frederick

Posted on 05/01/15 09:48:57 AM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Best resolution to work in
It depends how you generate your models, Frederick. If you make them using paths or shapes, or just text, then it makes no difference as those are all vector objects that can be scaled to any size, at any point.

By the way, "dpi" (dots per inch) is a printing term. For screen-based images we use "ppi" (pixels per inch) instead.

My examples are 72 ppi because keeping the size small means faster rendering times. By all means, work at 254 ppi - although I don't really know where you got this figure from! 300 is the norm for print.

Posted on 05/01/15 10:11:18 AM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Best resolution to work in
I can't answer the 3D part of this but Steve already has. Fabric design I would think for the most part does not need especially high print resolution. For good paper print 300 PPI is the norm as Steve has punted out. I would have thought that for printing on fabric half that would be more than enough.

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