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Posted on 02/10/17 6:58:54 PM
Deborah Morley
Makeover Magician
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Which Challenge?
I found this image from a challenge from 3rd June 2016, for some reason I hadn't put it in the usual folder (maybe because it needed amending).
Can anyone remember what was the name and number of this Challenge?

Posted on 03/10/17 1:56:46 PM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Which Challenge?
Hi Deborah

My files show that I downloaded the working image on Sunday 5 June 2016. It was entitled, strangely enough, 'Horse Crossing'. I don't have the Friday Challenge number unfortunately as I didn't, at that time, keep that info as part of my filing. I remember that Steve didn't like the size of my police car

Hope that bit of info helps and that all is well in your world.



Posted on 04/10/17 12:33:01 PM
Eager Beaver
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Re: Which Challenge?
I'm showing same as Gordon --- "Horse Crossing" -- I downloaded on June 03,2016

Posted on 04/10/17 3:45:45 PM
Ingenious Inventor
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Re: Which Challenge?
Hi Deborah,

I don't have the number of the challenge. I agree with Frank, i.e. it was Horse Crossing and horse-crossing.jpg source file was available on 2016-06-03.

Like the horses in your entry

Here was my attempt:-

Posted on 05/10/17 6:52:05 PM
Deborah Morley
Makeover Magician
Posts: 1319


Re: Which Challenge?
Many thanks. It was no: 607
Yes Gordon, I am well thanks.

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