Downloadable Photoshop files


These are the image files you can use to work through the examples in the book. Each tutorial in the book that includes downloadable assets features the icon shown here in the corner of the page. Almost all the tutorials in the book have associated files: only case studies featuring published work, which use images that aren't licensed for distribution, are excluded.

The downloads have been divided into individual chapters for ease of access. To download the files,  click on the chapter number below and your browser should automatically download a zip file containing all the Photoshop assets for that chapter.

Chapter downloads


Additional files

If you want to work through the Test Yourself  exercises at the end of the book, download the zip file here. You can also download a zip file of deleted pages from earlier editions of the book here, in case you want to see material that has been cut from the current edition for reasons of space.

Bonus content

I've included a set of high resolution cutout skeletons that you can use in your own work however you see fit. Skeletons are always a useful addition for any photomontage illustrator. There are 13 of them, which seemed like a good number for skeletons, and you can download them here.