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Posted on 27/03/22 7:25:11 PM
michael sinclair
Off-Topic Opportunist
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Something for David
I came across this unusual short video

Posted on 30/03/22 5:42:48 PM
Director of Photoshop
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Re: Something for David
How extremely bizarre. I wonder what the context was?

The subtlety and conviction of any Photoshop effect is invariably inversely proportional to the number of knobs on it .......

Posted on 31/03/22 3:16:02 PM
Steve Caplin
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Re: Something for David
Very weird. But beautifully done.

Posted on 31/03/22 3:50:11 PM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Something for David
I have a vague memory of this being an ad on tv some years ago but exactly what the ad was is lost in the mists of time.

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