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Posted on 23/04/15 1:51:47 PM
Steve Caplin
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RetouchPro: Lightroom, Tuesday 28th April at 9pm UK time
If you hadn't noticed, Adobe announced a new version of Lightroom this week. I've got my hands on an advance copy and I'll be talking about it on my free RetouchPro webinar on Tuesday.

This from Doug:

Ah, new Adobe product launch week. So much excitement, so much confusion. And yesterday's launch had more confusion than usual, Adobe can't even decide on the name of the new Lightroom version.

On next Tuesday's RetouchPRO LIVE, Steve Caplin will sort out all the confusion. He'll also answer audience questions about the newest Lightroom version and demonstrate all the new features.

Special emphasis will be placed on new features that can replace or outperform Photoshop (or that Photoshop can't do at all).

This will differ from all the other demos and reviews that will certainly be available in two important ways:

Everything will be presented from a Photoshop user perspective
You will be able to talk back and ask questions during the demonstration.

Register here:


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