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Posted on 06/12/22 10:23:55 AM
Steve Caplin
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Fake news: Donít blame Photoshop
My latest video, based on a talk I occasionally do at photographic societies - now a YouTube special.

Check it out here

Posted on 06/12/22 12:12:33 PM
Ben Boardman
Printing Pro
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Re: Fake news: Donít blame Photoshop
Nicely put together, keeps your interest, enjoyed that.

Posted on 06/12/22 1:19:05 PM
Magical Montagist
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Re: Fake news: Donít blame Photoshop
Good one Steve. This reinforces my own Photoshop presentation ĎThe camera never lies?í And thank you for letting me use the Dungeness images in the presentation.

If at first you don't succeed then skydiving is not for you.

Posted on 08/12/22 10:20:43 AM
Eager Beaver
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Re: Fake news: Donít blame Photoshop
How true

Posted on 11/12/22 9:13:43 PM
Realism Realiser
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Re: Fake news: Donít blame Photoshop
To true Steve. We're designed to follow like sheep; like it or not. It is said that the wrong leader can damn their whole following; so, make sure you follow the right leader...or try lead - but is also said that if you lead other astray you shall be damned beyond belief.

There's not many in this world that I trust...and I cringe when others trust me. I try to be good but fail expectations repeatably. I'm only flesh BUT I try. Hope you all do!

So, when I hear news or see news...
and we all listen to the weather forecast...(No one knows where the wind is going or where it is from) yet tomorrow it will be...

Confessions of a madman... and I felt guilty Photoshopping an ex out of a family

Does that make sense?

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence because there is more $hit there.

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